anushka and salman at sultan promotions

Actress Anushka Sharma tells about her experiences of doing Sultan

Actress Anushka Sharma was initially scared while doing Salman Khan-starrer “Sultan” as she felt that she did not look like a wrestler. She said “Earlier, I was very scared as I don’t look like a wrestler. We have a perception that wrestlers are of a particular size. I used to often question producer Aditya Chopra how can this happen (looking like a wrestler),” Anushka told reporters at the trailer launch of “Sultan” last evening.

“But when I did some research I found out that there were people internationally who looked like me,” she said.

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anushka and salman wrestling at sultan promotions
anushka and salman wrestling at sultan promotions

 “I learnt the moves and the technical way of doing it (wrestling). I am very happy I did it as now if I see wrestling, I will come to know how it happens. I am grateful for the opportunity. I was sure we will not use body-double. I felt if I have learnt something, I want to show it properly. I worked hard and I am happy I got to do it,” she said.

Her co-star Salman Khan interrupted and said in a lighter vein that Anushka is a trained wrestler now.

She said getting close to someone and fighting was uncomfortable.

“I think as an actor and as a girl you are not used to having someone so close. In the beginning I used to feel very uncomfortable,” she said.

“When I saw lot of videos I realised that you have to go all into it and do it correctly. I went for it and did not care about anything,” she said.

She and Salman was at a event organized in promotion of upcoming movie Sultan .