Did You Know : Why Virat Kohli’s Character was removed from MS Dhoni- The Untold Story

Reports suggest that Virat Kohli’s character was a very integral part of the movie. In fact, an actor even completed shooting for this character. But do you remember seeing it on screen?

No? that is because the part was omitted a week before the release of the movie. Why do you think was the part omitted? Well, it is because of the actor who played this role.

The reason is none other than Fawad Khan. Fawad shot for Virat Kohli’s character which was later removed from the final product thanks to all the tension between India and Pakistan.

A reliable source said, “Neeraj Pandey didn’t want any negative publicity or controversy around the film. Though Fawad Khan’s character was an integral part of the film, but it wasn’t as important as that of MS Dhoni’s. So he thought it’s better to do away with the Fawad’s portions in the film than face the ire of this controversy. Neeraj didn’t want the focus of the film to shift from MS Dhoni and Sushant Singh Rajput to Fawad Khan, Virat Kohli and Pakistan”.