No scene in the film with Katrina wearing a bra so it can’t be cut in Baar Baar Dekho

Recently, Baar Baar Dekho had run into trouble with CBFC. They reportedly demanded the removal of scenes which showed a bra and other that of mention of Savita Bhabhi. But, the director of the film, debutant Nitya Mehra denied stating there was no such scene in the film.

As per a popular media agency, Nitya stated this during a promotional event in Kolkata saying, “There is no scene in the film with Katrina wearing a bra so it can’t be cut. It is a clean film. It has got a UA certificate.

She added that it’s the certificate board, not a censor board and there’s no controversy yet. The lead actor of the film, Sidharth Malhotra also said no scenes have been cut and there’s no change in the storyline. While Katrina Kaif added that she is happy the film is releasing on time.

BBD, which is based on time travel, said spans a period of about 30 years. Talking about sporting different looks, the Bang Bang actor said, “To look different, we have used prosthetics in phases, changed weight, beard and hairstyles. We did it to make it believable.”

At the event, the Student Of The Year actor was at his candid best and revealed that he had a childhood crush on Katrina and had very awkward moments shooting for the romantic sequences. He stated, “I kept staring at her for no reason.”

Katrina said that she has very high expectations from the film as it is directed by a woman director. “Women directors write the best characters for women,” she concluded.