Shah Rukh Khan will Launch Raees Trailer in a “Raees Way” : Check out How

Shah Rukh Khan will Launch Raees Trailer in a “Raees Way” : Check out How

The King Khan is unstoppable! The magnanimity of the star is such, one can’t resist adoring him for many reasons. Unlike his super star status, he has always been a fan’s star. And that’s why he is a king of hearts. Isn’t it?

Well, if we go on talking about SRK, it would be never ending. The latest buzz is about his upcoming film ‘Raees’. It has become the most anticipated movie since it’s been doing rounds for past two years. Not to disappoint the fans anymore, SRK and his team has planned something grand for the trailer release.

“Shah Rukh and his film’s team wanted to come up with a unique strategy to reach out to as many fans as possible. That’s when they hit upon this idea of streaming trailers directly to the screens. The team is confident that the trailer will catch on with people across the board. A lot of thought has gone into choosing the cities, as the makers want to reach out to people across the country,” – as per the sources.

What Shah Rukh Khan Said:

We wanted to reach out and engage with a pan-India audience, rather than confining it to just a single city. We are really excited to interact with thousands of people across cities, big and small, simultaneously by having a live chat with audiences in cinema.

This makes us so excited already, for the most awaited ‘trailer of the year’ and pre-book our calendar for the upcoming film in 2017.